School Of Science & Technology

Co-Education * English Medium * STD - I to X

Kasimpur, Gautam Vihar, Islampur, Nalanda

Chairman's Massage

Dear Parent,

I hope that this website will give you an idea as to what makes school or science & Technology an exclusive community in which every child is treasured. Of course, it can provide you with only a glimpse into the work we do at SST. You are invited to visit us during any working day and discover the pleasant and creative atmosphere on campus.

At SST we offer your child an education at programme that draws the best values from the British Public School system but provides the same to the demands of the Indian Culture and traditions. In doing so, we draw inspirations from the ancient gurukul system of education.

We hold that a partnership between the school and you is critical to the overall development of your child. Together, we can ensure that the child that you place under our loving care thrives and achieves his or her full potential. The joy of an exclusive school is that every child is attended individually so that his/ her talents and strengths —whether academic, social, sporting or artistic — can be recognized, chiseled and celebrated. No student is ever overlooked.

SST is ideally equipped to foster positive personality development and the real joy of learning. We have developed the curriculum in a manner that enable us to extend our creativity to our students, to encourage them to take responsibility for their learning, to be imaginative and to apply knowledge and skills in a range of different dimensions of situations. Our children are enthusiastic, confident and excellent ambassadors of our school. By the time they have SST, our children have developed into young people who are exceedingly well prepared for the next stage of their education and life.
Our school is located at Kasimpur, Gautam Vihar, Islampur, Nalanda, Bihar.

I looked forward to meeting you and sharing with you and your child his or her learning joumey.

Yours sincerely
Abhay Kumar
School of Science & Technology