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Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Affiliation no-330686

Co-Education * English Medium * STD - I to X [School Code-50622]

Welcome to School Of Science & Tecchnology, Kashimpur Gautam vihar, Islampur, Nalanda ****** Admission Open for Session- 2019-20

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Dear Parent,
I hope that this website will give you an idea as to what makes school or science & Technology an exclusive community in which every child is treasured. Of course, it can provide you with only a glimpse into the work we do at SST. You are invited to visit us during any working day and discover the pleasant and creative atmosphere on campus.
At SST we offer your child an education at programme that draws the best values from the British Public School system but pro

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Admssion Open for session 2019-2020

School Time have been changed since 30th june 2019

Instruction to all for 15 August 2019

School will remain closed on 14th september 2019 on the eve of ID-UL-ZOHA

Request to teachers to stay in school for prep. of progress card on 24-06-2019

School will remain closed on 06-10-19 to 14-10-19 on the eve of Durga Puja

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Massage From The Principal

School of Science & Technology is situated in a tranquil environment which encourage inner peace. This is an essential ingredient for study and creativity.
At SST, we pledge to make every effort to take the students on a voyage of self discovery and of learning. Teachers at SST will not only be a source of wisdom and knowledge, but will also be role models and mentors. They are trained to help students combine their scholastic achievements with the life skills essential for success. The aim of the school is to develop among its pupils, all rounds abilities, as individuals as well as team players, by exposing them to diverse field ofactivities be it athletics, material arts, gymnastics, performing and visual arts, dance and music, swimming, soccer, hockey or cricket. The school motto "Perseverance, integrity and excellence" sends out a powerful message and explains the full essence of the purpose or our lives. In brief, that is the path that we want our students t0 chart. Principal School of Science & Technology

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मेरा लड़का सुमन सौरव SST स्कूल में वर्ग पांच का छात्र है| स्कूल की पढाई, अनुशासन तथा स्वच्छ एवं शांत वातावरण से मै पूरी तरह संतुष्ट हूँ|
# संजय कुमार [TVS Showroom] इस्लामपुर, नालंदा

My Daughter Sonam Kumari is studing in SST SCHOOL since 2012. The school has provided the good facilities of study as well as sports and cultural activities. In every final exam. she received 99% marks. I am extreem satisfied to enroll my daugher as the student of this school.
# Navin Kumar vill-Barari, Islampur, nalanda

मेरा बच्चा निशांत कुमार वर्ग VIII का छात्र है जो पिछले चार वर्ष से आपके स्कूल (SST SCHOOL) में पढ़ रहा है| स्कूल का वातावरण स्वच्छ एवं शांत है| इससे पूरी तरह सन्तुष्ट हूँ|
#अनिल कुमार, दरियापुर, इस्लामपुर, नालंदा

मेरा लड़का आकाश दीपक जो वर्ग आठ का छात्र है| विगत पांच वर्षों से SST स्कूल म अध्धयनरत है| स्कूल ने जो शिक्षा, संस्कार के साथ प्रदान किया है| उससे मै पुर्णतः संतुष्ट हूँ|
#अनिरुद्ध लाल, गाँव-शेखअली, पोस्ट-बेसवक, इस्लामपुर, नालंदा|

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We provides all modern facility like Computer Lab, Smart Class, Modern Library, Educational Tours, Music and Dancing, Indoor ant outdoor Games and others.

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