School Of Science & Technology

Co-Education * English Medium * STD - I to X

Kasimpur, Gautam Vihar, Islampur, Nalanda

SST Faculty & Others

School of Science & Technology can boast of a truly dedicated and inspired team of Teachers, well-qualified in their respective disciplines and innovative in their approach to Teaching.
The school's management is committed to provide quality education. The faculty on campus are selected by reputed academic administrators ensuring subject expertise and mix of experience and energy.
The faculty, as a unit, constantly endeavours to maintain an environment conducive for learning. It is because of the total commitment of the teachers that the students have been able to put up high quality academic performances year after year.
The management encourages the staff to adopt innovative and interactive methods of teaching in order to make the school a repository of creativity.

1 Dr. Ashok kumar PRINCIPAL
2 S. M. F. Zaki Rizvi COMP. SC. T.G.T
3 Anand Prakash T.G.T.
4 Ajay Kumar T.G.T.
5 Bhagwan Thakur T.G.T.
6 Sanjeev Kumar T.G.T.
7 Chandan Prasad T.G.T.
8 Nikita Sharma T.G.T.
9 Kamal Ranjan T.G.T.
10 Tarun Kumar T.G.T.
11 Ranju Singh P.R.T.
12 J K Sinha P.R.T.
13 Arvind Kumar P.R.T.
14 Abhay Kumar P.R.T.
15 Jyotsna Tiwari P.R.T.
16 Ranu Singh P.R.T.
17 Jitendra Paswan P.R.T.
18 Suraj Kumar Librarian
19 Hemant Kumar P.R.T.
20 Sanjay Kumar Clerk